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One – day trip, south of Dalat, where you will navigate your way though a canyon and learn how to use the ropes. Water abseiling/Canyoning is one of the most modern and mysteries of nature  in its purest form.


                Trekking, juming and swimming, you will discover fantastic canyons and face the challenges of incredible gorges. During the unique jouney of unforgettable experiences you will be accompanied by canyoning professional and expert guides.


-          Pick up at hotel, and the depart to Datanla Fails

-          At the practical abseiling point, 45 minutes to learn how to use the equipments

-          Do the first rappel of 18 high meters

-          Second abseil with the rappel of 15 meters

-          Free swimming at the waterfall

-          Picnic lunch( Bread, cheeses, fruits, jam, etc…)

-          Get the real canyoning experience with the 25 meters waterfall

-          Enjoy the 7 and 14 high meters jump into the water

-          Do the last and most difficult rappel (16 meters) is affectionately known as the washing machine

-          About 20 minutes of trekking th van, back to hotel.

-          Include English speaking, professionally trained guides, all necessary forest & tourist permits, first aid kit, fruit, snack, purified drinking water, picnic lunch, transportation and high quality rappelling gear (looking carabineers, Euroean ropes, and professional rigging gear).

-          What to bring : hat. Repellent, sunscreen, camera, short pants,sports sandals or water shoes, and swimsuit.

-          Canyoning grade: 5 to 7, Easy to Moderate.

-          Activities: Hiking, rapepeling, water sliding & Swimming.

-          What is not included: personal major medical including evacuation insurance coverage is recommended.